Consultation Service

Consultation Service

Consulting Service

Forenergy adheres to the value of "being honest and trustworthy, objective and fair, customer oriented", and we take innovation, quality and technology as the core service concept. Our Consulting Center aims to create the quality and safety guaranteed service in the future.

Testing Service

◆Test & Inspection

All kinds of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and alloys, welding materials, metal products, chemical composition analysis, unknown composition analysis, mechanical property testing, metallographic testing, corrosion test, failure analysis.

◆Product Performance Testing

Carry out experiments in the laboratories with appropriate qualifications and abilities, we issue the experimental report and witness report/certificate according to the internationally renowned third-party authority.

◆Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic phased array solution + field service
Time of Flight Diffraction Technique(TOFD)
Digital Radiograph testing
Eddy Current Arrays imaging testing
Conventional non-destructive testing: RT、UT、MT、PT, etc.
Ultrasonic Guided Wave testing
Acoustic emission

◆Buried pipeline leak detection

Consulting Service

◆Certification Consulting

ASME certification (including: boiler and pressure vessel "BPV", nuclear power plant "N-Type"), manufacturer capacity assessment, international oil and gas companies and engineering companies access, CE certification, TS certification, ISO certification, SIL certification, HSE certification, 3A certification of measurement system, the National Accreditation Laboratory (CNAS) certification and other consulting service.

◆Personnel Training

Welding personnel Environmental testing analyst
Welding inspection personnel Environmental supervision engineer
Physical and chemical testing personnel Environmental monitoring technician
non-destructive testing personnel Supply chain & business management engineer, etc

◆Expert Support

Consulting center engages the domestic and foreign industry experts who covers the areas of welding, casting, forging, heat treatment, machining, physical and chemical testing, metallographic analysis, non-destructive testing, coating corrosion and other professional directions, for offering the expert advice, new product development, process development and on-site guidance.

◆Patent Consulting

Patent Application
Declaration for government science & technology projects
Trademark registration

Third-party supervision

◆Calibration & Verification

Covering five areas of length, thermal, mechanical, electrical, chemical, Consulting Center passed the measurement standard assessment, calibration laboratory accreditation of CNAS; at the same time we could issue the calibration & verification certificate by using the American Standard (ASME, API).

◆Third-party supervision

Equipment supervision & manufacture
Product quality re-inspection, snap check
Witness the key points of production process
Delivery inspection
EN10204-3.2 Certificate
Equipment expediting

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