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Forenergy Innovation Relay

2017-11-01 16:29:00

For the sustainable development of the enterprise, the first Forenergy Innovation Relay was launched in 2017.


This activity is based on the third-party inspection/supervision/consulting industry and other related industries, Forenergy are designed to integrate any thinking, product /service, management, technological, organizational and institutional, cultural, marketing innovation ideas or feasibility projects into one uniform plan.


Any ideas about the (Oil/coal/related) chemical, LNG/CNG, environmental protection, (new) energy and other industries, marketing orders, marketing information, potential customer information, project programs, etc., could be sent to the Review team.


  Activity Schedule:


  Registration time: October 19, 2017 ~ November 30, 2017


  Relay time:October 19, 2017 ~ March 31, 2018


  Participation: participate in the activity by scanning the official QR Code of “Forenergy”.

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